My Fight Against IBS
By Kevin Fox

My problem was irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), also known as spastic colon. I suffered for 13 years and all the "establishment" type treatments did not help. My symptoms were: cramping in the lower left abdomen, frequent urge to defecate (like 10 a day) and extremely loud noise from the lower left abdomen (sigmold colon). The last colon specialist I saw told me that my colon was constantly contracted and he wasn't sure why. He said he only saw the colon react that way when he was operating inside a patientís abdomen. Also the years of constant contraction had weakened the colon walls and I had diverticuli that were consistent with a patient of 60 or 70, but not 36 years old!

I endured three colonoscopies, barium enema, and transit studies. On my own I tried every different type of diet modification that I could think of I also must of spent thousands on herbs and supplements, anything that claimed to "aid the digestion" or "relax the colon" was tried. I even fasted for 5 days while getting 3 colonics a day! This to "cleanse the system."

I was depressed and desperate for several years over this problem, as it became worse I withdrew from people and social activity. Because I had been through so many embarrassing episodes, I didn't want to be around people where I would be humiliated again. I was miserable most of the time.

In 1998 1 attended a group hypnosis seminar to quit smoking, I was amazed how easily it worked! I have not desired nor had a cigarette in 3 years. Since some doctors had implied that my IBS was "all in my mind" I began to wonder if hypnosis could help my colon problem. The seminar hypnotist was excellent but he was from California and unable to treat me.

So, I was on the right track seeking hypnosis, but I made one big mistake. I wrongly assumed that only a PhD or Psychologist was qualified or was good enough" to help me with hypnosis. WRONG. The three PhDs I was treated by had certifications all right, but their brand of hypnosis was weak and didn't help me with My Irritable bowel. I'm not saying all of the clinical professionals are like this, but the ones I experienced seemed only to dabble in hypnosis and not have much skill or belief in how effective it can be.

When I saw Bob Brenner the improvement was immediate and dramatic. I would rate myself 80% better after two visits! That is amazing after all I've been through. It seems the source of my problem was some traumatic events a long time ago. I was fully aware of these events and had consciously brushed them aside; apparently the subconscious mind can't let go without the help of a really good hypnotist. I have been so much better these last few weeks, I feel like I used to, like I can do anything and IBS is not stopping me. In closing let me rhyme with that famous TV Commercial, and say: