The New Kaye

Kaye Wall

It's difficult to know where and how to start--there's been such a huge , wonderful shift in every area of my life since I sought your help. I'm pretty good at expressing myself, and there are plenty of people who can testify that I'm never at a loss for words, however, telling you just how profound the changes in me are, and how grateful I am to you, seems daunting

I came to you as a skeptic---an open-minded one---but a skeptic, none-the-less. That changed after our first session when you successfully dealt with my needle phobia and nail biting. That was my "test drive" to see if this hypnosis stuff could really work for me. IT DID!! No more panic attacks to have blood drawn, and my nails haven't been in my mouth since that day.

My second and third sessions dealt with my weight and my painful condition, Fibromyalgia, which I've lived(?) with for twenty years. When I finished those sessions, I walked out completely pain free. PAIN FREE!!! I kept looking for the pain---not there. In the past, I've needed a wheelchair to visit the theme parks. Last week, I easily and painlessly walked--WALKED!--the Magic Kingdom and climbed the tree house, an impossibility before. I was so elated, Bob, I wanted to go right back to the entrance and climb it again!  As for the weight issue---I noticed an immediate change in my eating habits at my next meal following our appointment. I've dieted for over 20 years with no success and every bite I took came with immense guilt. But now?...I eat the appropriate amount--effortlessly--and I leave the meal feeling not only satisfied, but guiltless. I never imagined that I could ever feel this way about myself and so comfortable with food.

Guess what. The weight is coming off.

I would be willing to bet that you hear of successes like mine all the time, but I just had to tell you how well I'm doing and how much your work has meant to me and Jim. He and my friends can't believe the difference they see in me. We all are seeing the genuine Kaye for the first time. So-o-o-o------ how in the world do I thank you for all that?