Dear Bob,

I have been thinking and thinking of what I wanted to say to you about my hypnosis sessions. You see, I was really skeptical before I came to see you. I had tried hypnosis for weight control in the past with varying degrees of success. When my co-worker mentioned your services I was sure that it would be similar to my previous encounters with hypnosis. I couldn't have been more mistaken.

To say that your sessions were intense would be an understatement. Your sessions put me in touch with a reality that I did not even know that I needed to face. Since your sessions, I have been a different person. It is truly amazing. Things just don't look the same way to me that they did in the past. I think that I told you that even if I didn't lose a pound, it was worth every penny, just to get in touch with the real me. I really meant that. In fact, I have lost weight. It is gradually coming off, without any special diet or attention from me. Thank you so much. I am a licensed psychologist. But, I feel the need the add hypnotism to my repertoire of skills. Don't be surprised if you find me in one of your training sessions. I know that I already said it, but thank you again for helping me see things that were keeping me from being my authentic self.

Take care now,

Dr. Neva Wilson Kinsler
School Psychologist